Returning to Your Workplace

We have created this guide to explain the measures we are taking in response to the current crisis.

Communication and Disclosure


In order to reduce the risk of exposure and maintain a health environment, it is crucial that we ask everyone working at or visiting our premises to embrace social distancing protocols, follow occupancy and spatial use guidelines.


Companies must report any instance of a member or visitor within their cohort who tests positive for Covid-19 immediately. We rely on your thoughtfulness as this is essential to reduce risk.

Positive Cases of COVID -19
Should any employee or member test positive , RSO shall share this information with all members using the center. The identity of any such personnel shall remain confidential. RSO shall take necessary steps in accordance to proposed governmental guidelines including but not limiting to deep cleaning, disinfection. Anyone who is tested positive should avoid coming to workplace and be in quarantine until they have made complete recovery and have a doctor’s clearance.
Presumptive Cases of COVID - 19
Should any employee or member unveil any symptoms that are reflective of COVID -19, they should immediately reach out to their respective HR to determine next steps. It’s crucial that any such cases are brought to our attention as well. This will help in promptly ascertaining the contract trace route and limiting further risks. Such personnel should not return to office workplace until they have completed 14 days quarantine period or have a doctor’s clearance certification of fit to work.