RSO Workplace

RSO Workplace is the largest flexible workplace in the UAE providing you with unparalleled choice of ready-to-use office space, with cost effective pricing, one contract, simple reporting, a dedicated account manager and 24/7 customer service and support.

We provide perfect spaces!

From multinationals to SME’S to single entrepreneur businesses, our service offer is built around giving you flexible and adaptable office space equipped to the highest standards and giving your business a powerful head-start in today’s challenging markets.

With a professional and multinational team that speaks over 25 different languages, we have helped over 500 reputable and well-known multinational companies with their serviced office set-up.

Our mission is to provide you with tailored and flexible work solutions centered around your needs to allow you to work more productively and efficiently, around the clock.


With over a decade experience, we have learnt through failures and successes how best to do this business, and have managed to:

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Help more than 500 customers from SME’s to large corporations to find their ideal workplace and to work more productively every day.

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Build relationships with property owners and brokers across the region, to help them and their clients to benefit from the flexible workspace revolution.

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Successfully transform and optimize spaces for productivity and lasting value.


Why RSO Workplace?

Less hassle and instant solutions are our motto. RSO aims at providing your business with feature rich and adaptable office spaces and services.
Fully Customizable

Versatile office spaces that flex with your business growth which make us the perfect choice for all business sizes.

Perfectly Adaptable

Transform your offices as your business grows. Your workspace evolves with every professional enhancement.

Prompt Set-Ups

Face no complexity in set-up or unnecessary delays. With RSO, enjoy swift transitions and hassle free support.


Extremely Low start up costs, flexible lease terms, no need to buy equipment or furniture, there's no DEWA or AC charges either.

Expert Support Staff

Our staff help you out with all your requirements, never waste resources on hiring and executive search.

Boost Profits

Invest in your core business, you do not need to worry about facilities planning.

Effective Placements

Be well placed and network with other businesses through our corporate and social events.

Corporate Image

Benefit from a professional corporate image and the style of resources usually reserved for large business.